The Northern Checkpoints, Tura: The occupation does not control the soldiers' garbage

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Tami Ritov and Hannah Heller Translation: Naomi Gal


Tura Checkpoint - 15:45 The checkpoint is quiet. The IDF garbage container, which was filled to the brim inside the IDF checkpoint, was taken out to pollute the civilian environment and disturb the Palestinians passing through the checkpoint. The workers complain that recently they open the checkpoint half an hour later, at 7.00 and even later. For them it means a significant delay to work!

Workers return east to the West Bank, families with children returning west from Jenin to the seam zone, and cars passing in both directions. The passage is fast. A boy returns from Jenin, crosses the checkpoint to the seam zone and goes to the solitary house. The wonders of the considerations that guided the course of the separation wall.

 Barta'a Checkpoint - 16.05 students (mostly female students) return from Al Najah University in Nablus. They study mainly nursing. Cars arrive one after another and bring dozens of workers returning home from Israel and the seam zone. Some of them tell us that they worked in Netanya, Pardes Hanna and Herzliya, but in the morning they had to leave for work from the distant Jalameh checkpoint and hence took a hike in the country to get to their work.  Most of them are allowed to return from here in the afternoon (the checkpoint is close to their homes) and they complain that they are not allowed to cross from here in the morning. Families with children and shopping pass in both directions.

We were approached by people with various problems (renewing entry permits, not getting receipts for payments) we referred them to Silvia and Kav LaOved.