A tour of South Hebron Hills with members of the Bereaved Families Forum

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Muhammad, Dafna and 6 members of the Bereaved Families Forum; Translator: Natanyz

We were joined by 6members of the Bereaved Families Forum who  wanted to visit and see what was happening in the southern Hebron Mountains and meet with Palestinians from the area.

We passed through Meitar and , as usual, the parking lot was full of cars.

There was not much traffic on the roads and from Route 60 we turned into 317.

We visited Basel at A-Tuwani, who told the guests what was happening in the area  and the difficult problems with the army and the settlers. He also has several Israeli volunteers, who help accompany children to school, accompany herds, etc. Basil reinforced his request to share what is happening in the area  in every way possible. He said that  that everyone knew what was happening , and invited people who could help to volunteer with them ...

From there we drove to Nasser in Susiya, where he gave a historical overview, of the hardships of the Palestinian residents of Susiya,

And from there we drove to Abu Safi, who also told of the hardships of his family, who lived almost alone, in Wadi Radim. And of course of the settler who lives next to them and who harassed them almost daily ....

The day after the visit, he reported that the dogs of the settler attacked his daughters on the way to school !!!!

Routine of life under occupation .....