Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Nina and Hagit S.S; Translator: Natanya
The entrances to Samu'a, Dahariya - are open. There are no soldiers.

The same is true of the spring and the Dura al-Fawwar junction.

We continued to Hebron.

The house of the Patriarchs is covered with flags.

We did not see many soldiers today.

At Tel Rumeida we went upstairs to watch and be impressed by the remains of the "festive" ceremony that was held there this week for the dedication of the archeological site / park known as Tel Hebron. The site was excavated in the area belonging  Heikal family, right next to its home.

The big tent is still there, is empty now. the whole area is fenced and controlled and the flags are flying. The transition to the entire area is through a large and impressive checkpoint.

At the checkpoint which the soldiers call "Tnuva 20" Golani soldiers are on guard.

In the "Ibrahimiya" boys' school, the children during the break are cheerful and loud as are children in any school.

The Zion route  is open. We also roamed there, and at the Kafisha checkpoint, the soldiers opened the closed gate for us.

There are few people everywhere .. There is a feeling of "the square of the city is deserted”