Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Ariela (phtographing), Michal (reporting and phtotographing); Translator: Naranya

We took Route 317 to enter the Susiya area to see the cistern that had been destroyed there a few days earlier. We arrived and saw the brutality of the authorities.

Why can not rainwater be stored in this arid region? Heartbreaking.


Everything was the same.

The Beit Hadassah area is quiet at this time.

According to the brothers Sharabati if organizations do not come there during the school hours, the  settlers do not harass them. They feel that it is better for their daily routine not to have internal organizations and external organiations there whose power is perceived as a provocation that activates the zealots of the Jewish community in Hebron to violence

A new sign hanging in various parts of Hebron tells the whole story again.

בור המים ההרוס
שלט חדש שנתלה באיזורים שונים בחברון מספר שוב את כל הספור