Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Michal Tsadik; Translator: Natanya

Meitar is already empty at this time. On the Israeli side some workers still wait for transport. Maybe because it is so early there are soldiers everywhere.

Road 60

At the checkpoint of  Samoa  are soldiers and a long convoy of cars is waiting at a safe range from the soldiers. It seems that  each time one car is allowed to come forward

At Dahariya there is a roadblock and soldiers.

At Dura-El Fawwar the roads are open but the soldiers are behind the cement blocks on the island and guard the road.

At the foot of Beit Haggai at the entrance to Hebron are soldiers.

At the Sheep Junction, on the side of the road exiting Hebron, soldiers stand behind concrete blocks.

At Bani Naim soldiers at the checkpoint.


Last Wednesday I was sent pictures with soldiers on the roof of a family in Tel Rumeida who were checking the water tanks. In a conversation with the Sharabati family, it turned out that there were settlers there who had been seen pouring something into the water which  changed color. The IDF and the police came and unloaded the containers and sent them for inspection in Israel. No arrests of settlers  were reported. In a conversation today with the Sharabati family, who live right in front of Beit Hadassah, they said that the results of the examination had not yet arrived and that the family were drinking from bottles in the meantime.

On Shuhada Street, a long convoy of Palestinian trucks with building materials are being guarded by two IDF vehicles. They turned left and entered through the yellow gate near Gross Square to the Palestinian neighborhood for work.

The  Hebron surrealism because of 600 Jews.

We drove to the Beit Anun junction to see what was the routine of the day following the attempted demolition yesterday. Three soldiers are manning the concrete blocks entering the Shuyukh neighborhood          

Three soldiers manning the concrete blocks at the entrance toShuyukh           Photo: Michal Tsadik