At-Tuwani - a demonstation for Hafez Huraini at the Ofer Military Court

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Smadar (reporting and photographing), Ariela and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya
Jewish Terror
בית משפט צבאי עופר - הפגנה למען חאפז הורייני מא-תוואני

We drove to the Ofer Military Court through Modi'in and further through two other  checkpoints. We passed by several pillboxes and arrived in the Binyamin area.

In Ofer Yasmin and Itai who are activists from the Masafer Yatta area, and other demonstrators were already present.

The two used a megaphone during the demonstration and shouts of encouragement were heard calling for the end of the occupation and freedom for Palestine.

The demonstration was to strengthen and support Hafez Huraini from At-Tuwani , who was working on his own land when settlers from Havat Maon  invaded his private lands  and beat him. Both of his hands were broken as a result of the blows with clubs and an iron rod. In order to defend himself, he used the hoe he had in his hands, hit the attackers and was accused of attempted murder.

He was arrested, detained for 5 days in the Ofer camp, and today the military court decided to extend his detention for 3 more days.

The clip that proves this lie is of no interest to the media and the occupation authorities.

We represented MachsomWatch and with us the undefatigable Natanya, our friend from Jerusalem.

MK Ofer Kasif also arrived, added his words, and entered the court room.

It is so clear that there is no connection between reality and the indictment, and that there is no interest in finding out the truth. Regarding the authorities, the occupying forces, and the media, the Jews always shine like snow, and the Palestinians are violent and bloodthirsty.

Meanwhile, the charge has been changed from attempted murder to aggravated assault. He will also have to pay a hefty fine and cannot go back to his own home for two weeks as it is too near the settlers.