Hebron: The city looks more deserted than ever

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Hagit Back
חברון: המתנחלים חזרו לבנות בסגנון יהודי

Last night I received a phone call from a family from Tarkumiya who own olive groves and the only way to get to and harvest them is through a Adora settlement. Since this year's coordination is not successful, to say the least, because of the corona and because of political matters, they turned to me and asked for my help. And since I have been accustomed from my many years at Machsom watch to sometimes being a social worker of the occupation, I acceded to their request. I was able to find the the man in charge of security of the Adora settlement and reach an time table agreement with him.

The Palestinian family who came did not want to be photographed.

On the way to Tarkumiya we stopped at the olive press that started working and the oil is excellent.

For those interested in geography, this is Route 35, which connects Route 60 to the coastal plain. According to the Oslo Accords, this was to be the road connecting the Gaza Strip to the West Bank.

We continued to Hebron. The soldiers of the Golani Bazelet Regiment are now in Hebron. Schooling in Hebron is conducted almost as usual and (few) children roamed the streets with masks.

Other than that, the city is deserted.

Idris tells us that he is harvested now and that this year the army is watching him strong.

I have no idea what overwhelmed the Palestinian residents of Hebron, the corona or occupation, but the city looks more deserted than ever and the heart is pinching.