Barta`a checkpoint: M. has a magnetic card but appears as a detainee in the computer

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Rachel Weizman, Ruthi Tuval , Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

12:40 – 13:00 – A’anin Checkpoint

There were only soldiers at the checkpoint.  A pleasant soldier who remembered us from last week told us that he had received permission to open the gate for the two farmers with their donkey who had arrived a minute late.  He even helped them bring their bags of olives across Today two Palestinians arrived several minutes before the checkpoint closed.

13:15 – Tura – Shaked, the Garbage Checkpoint

A car and three workers crossed at the checkpoint that we have chosen to rename the “mizbeletura” checkpoint, or the Turagarbage checkpoint.  

13:45 – Yaabed Dotan Checkpoint

A new flag was flying over the checkpoint that belongs to the battalion from the Nachal.  Traffic was weaving in and out of the concrete roadblocks without delay.  A heavy tractor carried on an Israeli transport vehicle crossed headed for the West Bank.  Who knows if it is designated for construction or demolition?

14:10 – 15:00 – Barta’a Reihan Checkpoint

All the parking lots were completely full.  At this hour there were not many people crossing. The kiosk that was called “Our Stop” that once stood at the exit from the fenced – in sleeveinfo-icon two weeks ago was gone!

We listened to a resident of Barta’a al Sharkiya in the seamline zone.  His wife and children live in Barta’a el Garabiyeh (West Barta’a located in Israel) and they have no permit to cross at Barta’a Checkpoint.    Whenever they are invited to visit relatives (he pointed to a house on the nearby hill) they are forced to drive all the way around through Jenin.  He himself has been banned from entering Israel for 25 years.  We took down his phone number to wee if we could help.

One of the drivers wishes for a BMC permit, which he explains is a special permit for Palestinian business people, and better than a VIP permit.

Someone approached us and told us that the soldier at Salem told him that he has no travel ban and even gave him a magnetic card.  He checked at the Palestinian District Coordination and Liaison Office just to make sure and they told him he was banned from crossing.  He owns the olive grove near Tura Checkpoint where there is a large pit.