A-Tuwani, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Muhammad, Daphna and a guest; Translator: Natanya
נאסר יוצא מבית המשפט לאחר הזיכוי

The Meitar checkpoint on Sunday was very busy, and in the morning there was a huge traffic jam up to to the Shoket junction

Abu Safi reported that the shepherds of Israel, a settler,  came with an ATV to his territory and expelled his daughter who was grazing the flock, in the area belonging to Abu Safi! Later, settlers from Asa'el arrived, who toured the area with their families and passed through the area, but without provocations.

We drove to Nasser at A-Tuwani. He says that about two years ago,there was a demonstration in Bir al-Eid, a large demonstration by Jews, Arabs and journalists, against the occupation. The army declared  a closed military zone, but the demonstrators still  entered. 17 of them, including 2 journalists, were taken to the police who9 made a deal with them: If they do not return to the area for two weeks, they would be released.

After a year, only Nasser was sent a summons  to a trial, on charges of entering a closed military area. At the trial where he appeared with Attorney Riham from MK Lasky's office, the judge asked, why was he only arrested? Following this, the case was closed, but he had to sign, not to complain about the police ....

There are a lot of people that the police and army arrest on false accusations, there is not always an attorney by their side, but it takes years of pestering them and in the end they come out as having been arrested with no cause.

Picture: Nasser leaves court after acquittal.

The Palestinians' claim that Israel wants to break the people.

For example: near Mitzpe Abigail, a settler came and claimed that the area plowed by a neighboring Palestinian family was his ... The family brought documents to prove that this was their own land, and that being the plowing  season they are allowed to do so  but both the permit and a tractor and a backhoe were confiscated!!! Within two weeks they took 3 tools in the area. Even when they  file a complaint with the police in Kiryat Arba  they are harassed and  it takes hours....  Nasser went 5 times to ask for permission to plow!

The Palestinians say that this is done to break them.

A few days ago, Nasser gathered all the residents of the settlement, to decide and announce, that they went out to plow with donkeys! From the DCO they heard about it and informed them that they could go out with the tractors and soldiers would guard them! And so it was, but after some time of plowing, the settlers came with herds and disturbed the tractors, complained that the driver wanted to run over them and the army wanted to confiscate the tractor again. There was a big argument with the army and the DCO and in the end they did not confiscate the tractor.

If a lot of people come to support and journalists, there is a different attitude from  the military as well.

In Susiya, a demolition notice was hung on the playground.

We came to see what the situation is and so far the playground has  not been  destroyed. The  issue is being handled by Kamar Mishraki  from the Hakal organization.