Burin - the settlers' harm is greater than the Corona fear

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Tzvia Sh. - a telephone report; Translator: Judith Green


Reports during Corona days

I spoke this morning with M. from Burin. The Corona virus has not hit their village, but, worse than the Corona, is the harm done by the settlers from Itzhar.  M. told me that when they saw that the tractors in Itzhar had started to level the land of D., the men from the village went out in their tractors, and dispersed the criminal settlers. I asked why they hadn't called the police;  his answer was that the police would not help.  First of all, they ask for the papers of the owner of the land which will prove that the land is his in spite of the fact that the whole village knows that these are the lands of the Doha family from way past.  They know that the police only helps Jews and not Palestinians.  So, they decided to throw out the settlers by themselves.  He sends greetings to all the volunteers in MachsomWatch and Yesh Din, and is waiting for the day when we can meet again.