Shuhada Street - who is face lifting it?

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Raya and Hagit S.S. Translator: Natanya

Checkpoints on the way to Hebron: the entrance to Abda is closed by the gate, Dura el Fawwar - open on both sides


Many buses in the service of the army at the car park which is behind the Cave of the Fathers. 
Also in Shuhada street there are many cars. We did not manage to discover what this “happening” was about.

At the bottom half of Shuhada street houses have been painted a sort of clean yellowish colour. If this painting continues (not clear for whom) the horrible sights of doors of the houses in this well known street with stars of David will disappear.

And then when it happens it will be something new and also a face lift of the miserable street.

Up in Tel Rumeida and all along the way scattered posts are usually manned by a lone soldier.

The houses from the  family home of Sharabati to the Soldier (Tarpat) checkpoint have not been painted yet.

Abed is at the front of the store and there are a few American tourists with a local guide, and a conversation ensues between us and the guide and Abed on the subject of the conflict, the occupation, the right of return, and so on

We all want peace, not everyone still has hope.

On the way to the grocery store in the Kapisha neighborhood, we also stopped for the car's air conditioner to be checked.

One can feel that it is vacation time - in  the streets we meet quite a few children. It was interesting to watch a group of local children standing as a trio of ultra-Orthodox children pass them