Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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Hagit Sar Shalom and Raya: Translator: Natanya

We continue to prefer entering the area from the Meitar checkpoint rather than Tarqumiya,

Mainly for the same reason which  we have  mentioned in the past (the more "welcoming" attitude to us).

At the crossroads of Dura-El Fawwar there are many soldiers and army vehicles. The same thing at other crossroads and at the southern entrance to Hebron.

In Hebron there are not many people outside probably also because of the heat. The children are on holiday and to some extent we feel this. They look at us with wonder.

At Ab ed'swe meet his son and grandson. They are entertaining a Dutch tourist who is there with a local guide.

Abed recalls his appearance on television last week, and returns to the excitement of the Palestinian who angered him when she wrapped herself in the Israeli flag and seemed to give up her identity. He, as is known, is a veteran peace seeker and thinks that we are brothers and can and should live together in peace.

When we continue our shift it is depressing to see all the new checkpoints which are being built at such speed in the areas of the new neighborhoods…Kapisha, the police block, Tel Rumeida at the entrance, and to the house of the Heikal  family. All  heavy concrete structures with an alarming presence, all of which probably include magnometers ("a creature"  which is very notorious these days ...).

It is difficult to describe how life here will look between the checkpoints that are located at short distances from each other .. And what "security" will it bring ??

The two soldiers at the Tel Rumeida checkpoint hesitate to allow us to enter the cemetery, pay attention to our tags, and try to understand who we are. A conversation developed about their role in this place. Perhaps they were given something to think about.