Checkpoint in Barta`a: "Most of the inspectors are Arabs.."

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Marina B. and Ruti T., Reporting Marcia L., Translation

14.40 Anin checkpoint
Five soldiers are "guardians of the fence", are at the checkpoint 7/24.  It's not their job to open the gate at the checkpoint, nor do they have keys.  So, the farmers and the workers who are already there will wait at least another hour and a half until  the soldiers come to open it.  A Palestinian who was somehow caught next to the fence is detained, handcuffed, and seated with the soldiers.  Before he was taken in a car, his eyes were covered.


15:10 – Tura-Shaked Checkpoint


The checkpoint “naps” in the afternoon, amid the quiet, the filth, and the ugliness.


15:40 – We passed the Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint. All the parking lots were full.  There isn’t a place for even one car.  We continued on and there we stopped to look at one of the dusty parking lots which will soon turn into a muddy and slippery area on a steep slope.


15;50 – Ya’abed-Dotan Checkpoint


We sat on a cement block and looked around.  The traffic was conducted in a series, but at times it was  a bit crowded around the cement blocks.  Two soldiers from the Haruv (carob) patrol arrive and ask if we needed something. Yes, yes, of course, they are familiar with “I have a lover from the Haruv patrol.” (It rhymes in Hebrew:  Yesh li ahuv mi sayeret Haruv.) They also heard of with Machsom Watch. Drivers wave hello to us and one yells “Hello friends.”


16:15 – Barta`a-Reihan Checkpoint


At the exit from Barta’a Checkpoint (on the way home), the grads were suddenly tough with us, surprisingly.  They passed us through one gate but when we got to the second, they regretted it.  We heard one of them ask his friend, “Don’t you know who they are?” They called us back to stand on the X; afterward we were sent for a thorough inspection of the trunk, including opening the hood and passing our luggage on for inspection on a conveyer belt as in any respectable border crossing.  We asked what was happening; had they already receive their instructions from Itamar ben Gvir? One of the Palestinians who himself was being checked, said aloud:  “Know that most of those inspected here are Arabs?,” And they all laughed, checking and checking together.