South Hebron Hills – road blocks on Route 60

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Raya Y. Translator: Natanya

We went on a tour through the desolate Tarkumiyah checkpoint, we continued on Route 35, we passed through roadblocks that close the entrance and exit to the following Palestinian settlements:


Tarkumiyah (opposite Idna)

The first entrance to Hebron (in front of a bridge connecting Halhul to Hebron)

The second entrance (before the intersection connecting Route 35 to Route 60) is open and closed alternately. Five or six soldiers in the pillbox area, watching the movement of vehicles.

Highway 60 roadblocks:

Hebron affiliation. (observation of soldiers on both sides of the road).

Sheep Crossing.

Qilqis Junction

Beit Hagai intersection Hebron

Dura Al Fawwar junction

Abda junction. (dirt embankment)

Daharia Junction.

In addition, there are mounds of dirt along the sides of road 60 and there is no passage for jeeps or other vehicles.

Farhan from Simia informs us that a military convoy comes every five days to the village and along road 60 and renews the blockades. Farhan and other residents open one of the blockages in order to go shopping, the bulldozer arrives a second time to bock once again. God forbid.