South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Mira B. (Reporting) and Muhammad: Translator: Natanya

Visits to kindergartens  in the South Hebron Hills.

We visited the Tuwani and the Amal kindergartens in the  Zif village.

Road 317: Purim. Closureinfo-icon on entry to Israel. Then the  Palestinians do not work. Wonderful weather - so many people walkall over , families picnic. The closure forces the Palestinians to celebrate the Jewish holidays.  

The  Palestinians celebrate the Jewish holidays!

Tuwani : The kindergarten teacher, Sawad. A Palestinian Authority employee. The residents of this village, who know how to help themselves (see their wonderful progress over the 15 years we have  visited there  and helped a little) have also achieved this: opening a kindergarden which is supported and funded by the Palestinian Authority. The kindergarten has 11 children. A lot of equipment is missing.

Carmel: The new neighborhood is "blooming".

Zif: Amal kindergarten: there are  no children today. There are differences of opinion and internal interests in the village. They  evidently opened a garden near the school, and Amal's kindergarten was harmed. Apparently many children left. Too bad, and painful. Amal is very hurt, and asks for help from anyone who can. But of course we do not interfere. The grocery store says the area has been quiet recently. On the way to Zif, on an old building in front of the village Dirat, we no longer pay attention to the inscription "N-Nach-Nachma-Nachman", right in the face of the Palestinian village. How we got used to all this rudeness.

At 'Abda there is a new roadblock and new piles of earth along Route 60. At the Dura-El-Fawwar intersection, the piles of earth no longer allow the vegetable stalls to be installed there.