Kuft Aqeb - in Corona days, shops are open but people don't have money to buy

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Ronit R. - telephone report in Corona days; Translator: Natanya

A., who lives in Kufr Aqeb, rang me.

A. is a Palestinian married to an Israeli (of Russian origin). He has been in our care for a long time, trying to help him remove the police prevention. It's a story in itself - he had an open case in the police records. It turned out that he had been indicted and had not come to the hearing because no one had updated him about it. They forfeited the guarantee. For years (!!!),no one replied to the calls of the Tamir Blank, the lawyer. In the end, when we were already going to petition, the proceedings were resumed and he was convicted. And now he is a police prevented because of the convictions ... all because he went in to see his wife and children. .

Two girls were born to him during that period. Our friend Hanna Barag helped him get permits to visit his wife in the hospital after birth and also when one of the girls was treated in the hospital. (In addition, his wife was made to pay the maternity hospital bills. She is a citizen of Israel. With the help of legal assistance it was dealt with).

Part of the period he lived separately from his wife and daughters and because of certain  circumstances they now live together in Kufr Aqeb.

Today he rang to tell that his wife had given birth this morning in a cesarean section in Hadassah. The hospital reported to him that the surgery had passed successfully, the babyinfo-icon was fine and his wife was recovering. He still has not spoken to her.

He is trying to get a permit to go to the hospital. Yesterday he went to Qalandiya DCO and it turned out to be closed. He was told by the Palestinian DCO that they  had applied for him. He managed to talk to someone from the Israeli DCO in Beit El, who told him that they would  help him, but he has still not received anything from the  Palestinian authorities.

Now he ran with the documents to Beit El  and stood in front of a closed door, and has lost the phone of the soldier who told him yesterday that he would help him. I referred him to Hanna Barg, hoping she could help this time too.

In the meantime, he said that the area where he lives is the responsibility of the PA (not the Jerusalem Municipality) and they "do nothing" according to him. The PA does not provide assistance. The shops are open and there is everything, but people have no money to buy. Preparing for a particularly sad Ramadan ...