Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), Tarqumiya

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Leah; Translator: Natanya

1. Muhammad reports on unusual military checkpoints near the Meiter crossing, near the Meiter complex, and also in Metzadot Yehuda. Increased presence of security forces.

2. This time I reached Kiryat Arba from the north, from the direction of the Tarkumiya crossing. At the square in front of Shuyukh, the entrance road to Hebron is blocked by a yellow iron barrier, and in addition a security vehicle is stationed across the road, and many soldiers are next to it. The reason becomes clear when I arrive at the parking lot near the Paz gas station at the entrance to Kiryat Arba: two soldiers (Givati's Tzabar Battalion) are stationed beyond the entrance gate to the vineyards from the north. To my question, they explain that their job is to keep the gate locked and not to allow settlers to enter Givat HaMevaser, since the intention is to establish a new settlement there. They apologize; they have no authority to stop the establishment of the settlement but only to limit entry from this point. Indeed, in the small garden there are gathered teenagers who look like a youth movement with a slightly older "guide". They don't answer my questions (even though I'm dressed like a settler today), Obviously they have instructions to keep quiet. An exciting activity for the boring vacation days, although even on school days they are engaged in such activities; there is an easy release from school. Where are our youth? Why do we recruit them? 

3. In the same parking lot there is also an accumulation of police forces, including senior commanders. They refuse to answer our questions. The forces include a large group of police trainees (yellow ribbons on their shoulders) who get off a bus and receive extended training. (They were still there when we returned from a tour in Hebron). We once encountered such a group who were being addressed by settlers near Beit Ha-Makhpela.

4. Hebron, Kafisha neighborhood. At the entrance barrier to the neighborhood we are allowed to pass easily as we were taken for settlers, who like to repair their vehicles here in the Arab garages cheaply.

5. Upon exiting the neighborhood we turn right, go up to the checkpoint at the entrance to the Hill of the Fathers, a flourishing and prosperous neighborhood, and greetings to Itamar Ben Gvir, a resident of the neighborhood.... 

6. On the way to the Cave of the Patriarchs, at the junction of the "Prayer Axis", in addition to the fixed position on the right, has been added an army post on the left. They also added a permanent soldier position on the left.

7. There is congestion near the Cave of the Patriarchs, the soldier claims that there is no parking and therefore does not allow us to enter with the  vehicle and does not know why there is congestion.

8. On the way back from the direction of Tel Rumeida, near the Pharmacy checkpoint, many Hammer vehicles are parked but it is not clear why. And in the square in front of the market, a new poster, connecting the anti-LGBTQ agenda to the settler agenda.