Beir Ummar: The army enters at night and there are clashes

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Ronit Ramati, phone report

A phone conversation with family friends from Beit Ummar, father and son

Only recently, with the help of women from Beit Ummar whom I met on a beach-day, we renewed contact that had been broken after my father died. They visited my mother in Jerusalem and we spoke about my visiting them, but this was postponed for various reasons and we decided to talk again after I get back from abroad. I called today to see what was going on there. Naturally a visit is no option right now.

I was glad to hear that all the extended family members are alright.

They say that at night the Israeli army enters the village and confrontations occur. The family’s homes are far from the village center and they enjoy quiet.

I told them about our contact with Kibbutz Nir Oz that was seriously impacted (my parents belonged to the founding core and members of this group are now hostages).

I don’t know how much was understood, but we wished each other quieter days ahead…