Burin and Duma: the settlers take over the Palestinian olive harvest

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Fathiya - phone report from Duma, Irit - phone report from Burin

Phone reports from Burin and Duma

Fathiya A.

I spoke with the Duma council chief.

Colonists and soldiers harass the people living south-east of the village, and have taken over their lands and springs like the Al Rashash and Fasail springs. 

Douma villagers packing their belongings and loading trucks.

The colonists have also threatened farmers and chased them off their land during the olive harvest season, and burnt their vehicles.

Irit Segoli

I spoke with Doha yesterday – she was hoping to harvest olives assuming that on Saturday the colonists would not arrive bearing arms. However, today they did come accompanied by the army and sheets to collect the olives, Doha’s olives which they harvested. She could not even come near. Having mobilized three others to help her, it was all in vain.

So many violations all at once – desecrating the Sabbath, stealing…