Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A.  Translation: Naomi Gal

10:45 ten cars were parked in the parking lot. There was one person in the waiting hall. When we arrived three people approached us immediately. One of them said he had a work permit valid until January 7 2017. He worked in Israel with one employer, but the work ended. They gave him a permit to enter Israel for five days to look for a new job. Two days later, when he wanted to cross the checkpoint, they told him he became GSS prevented. When clarifying with GSS he was told the prevention is for one year. It is unclear how his name will be cleared during this year of waiting. We referred him to Sylvia. 

The second man said he was police prevented. His prevention period is over, but was automatically renewed for ten more years. The third man said that he too is GSS prevented. He is the father of five children and he wants to remove the prevention so that he could work. He was imprisoned in 2006 because of an informer’s baseless claim according to him, originated from a village clan that is competing with his clan. We referred him too to Sylvia. 

Before leaving a young man approached and asked us to take an embroidered phone cover to give to Sylvia as a token of gratitude for helping him.  

Officer Izzy announced that he is leaving and that Hanna will replace him. We spoke with her and she politely gave us the information we needed.