Susiya – demolition orders and prohibition to graze

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Muhammad, Daphna and a guest; Translator: Natanya
סוסיא - עם וודחה ובנה

Sunday, Meitar , busier than usual, parking lots full. So are the shops.

Driving towards Susiya, ploughed fields are waiting for rain, and some are already green.

In Susiya we met Wadha and her son.  They said that further down the road, towards the base, there is an army checkpoint where they stop vehicles, search and also confiscate some of the vehicles. They are not allowed to cultivate plots and are not allowed to take herds out to graze. This has put a heavy burden on the cost of living because food has to be bought for the flocks. This has become very expensive, to the point of doubling its price. It makes it difficult to maintain the herds and causes a very difficult economic situation.

About a week ago, military personnel came, photographed various types of buildings, and some have already been given demolition orders.

Azzam works in Israel. The son works in an industrial co-op, in the area. 

On the way back, road 317, you see that Asael (an illegal outpost) is expanding a lot: they have levelled the area, trucks are coming in,  etc. 

Abu Safi, who is constantly threatened by Israel Kaplan's farm, spent a week in the hospital in Dura, because of breathing problems, because he is a heavy smoker!

Let's hope he gets well.