A lovely day accompanied by shepherds and sheep from Ein El Hilweh

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Rachel A. and Guest Marcia L., Translation

Valley, 22.02.22


The almonds were in full bloom all the way to the valley.  On the way down to the valley, they disappeared.


This morning we accompanied two flocks of the brothers Awad from Ein al Hilweh.  We had not arrived yet, but the sheep were ready to go out to pasture.  Very quickly they overtook us and disappeared from our sight.  They galloped quickly in the direction of the always green meadow.  Today was lovely.  The bushes bloom yellow-white and wait their turn for the coming spring.


We found ourselves panting up and down kilometers with the goal of reaching the shepherds and the flocks. Eventually we met for tea, fruit, and sandwiches.  The young shepherds (ages 12 and 14) refused all offers of food, until we had to put segments of tangerines in their mouths!  Something (about our offer) was not understood.  The father of one of the families arrived and happily helped himself.  The very simple conversation with him was about life.  We lit a fire from wooden toothpicks to boil the tea.  After the afternoon prayers, the sheep continued to chew grass as usual and everything was fine.


Within the large pasture, the settlers from Maskiot (east of Alon Road 578) erected a barbed wire fence that defines and limits the area of the Palestinian pasture and considerably reduces the area.  The fence reaches to the Valley Road (90).  According to Mohammed, the fence was built a year-and-a-half ago and is obviously illegal, like all Israeli construction, but the Occupation forces on the ground agree with its being built.


On the western side of the Alon Road, we saw Eshoal settlement, which causes problems for its Palestinian neighbors.


We primarily continue to be impressed by the young children’s independence and their ability to cope with the flocks and the nature around them, their physical fitness, and their responsibility.  Walla!  Respect.


Our car is loaded with equipment, which was transferred this time to Hadidia.