At the Anin checkpoint: loopholes in the fence and unlocked gates

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North 22.03.2022 Morning Rachel Weizmann and Ruthi Tuval (Photos) Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham We left Yokne’am at 06:00 but encountered a traffic jam on Route 6 and turned off at Mei Ami. We decided to go to A’anin Checkpoint despite the fact that i

We left Yokne’am at 06:00 but encountered a traffic jam on Route 6 and turned off at Mei Ami.  We decided to go to A’anin Checkpoint despite the fact that it is not open today.  It was completely empty and we were able to observe things from close up.  There are four gatesinfo-icon at this checkpoint.  Three are open and one that is closest to the security road is locked with a padlock and chain.   There were rods stuck in the locks.  Nearby there are already several holes in the fence that scorn the locked gates.   Next to the holes are several dirt embankments that block vehicles from crossing.   At 08:00 we reached Tura Shaked Checkpoint and a driver coming from the West bank asked what we were doing there.  He told us that he was a businessman who owned a sewing factory and was also a money changer.  He agreed to try and help the disabled student from  Yamun whom we are trying to support from a distance.   She called us the same afternoon and said that he had contacted her and promised to help.

On our way to Barta’a – Reihan Checkpoint three police vehicles passed us by  quickly going towards Harish.  We followed them to a hole in the fence near Luxor.  A few vehicles were parked here and there along the road.   The wide parking area was covered with piles of earth.   Many people continued to come through the hole in the fence from the West Bank.  Drivers told us that the Border Patrol and the military police disrupted things by attempting to send them away and throwing smoke grenades, forcing workers to walk all the way to the Barta’a Reihan Checkpoint.  They also confiscated 18 transport vehicles to a camp near  Reihan – Barta’a Checkpoint.  In order to reclaim them the drivers will have to pay an attorney NIS 1000.  We drove to see the vehicles and attempted to talk to someone about the vehicles, which are the property and livelihood of their owners.  A young soldier told us that unfortunately the commander could not come now and that there was no one to talk to.

We passed Reihan – Barta’a Checkpoint at about 09:00.   8 trucks and 5 cars  were on the way to the inspection facility.  The sleeveinfo-icon for pedestrians was empty.   There was still room in the parking lots.  The bushes on the traffic islands were pruned and everything was clean and orderly and the security guards looked bored.    


We drove as far as the bridge where the road runs underneath to Kafin to the west and Zibda to the east.  There is now an junction between the upper road 596 and the lower road 6115 but it is blocked and cannot be entered from the main road.  

The thistles along the road continue to flower.