Northern checkpoints, Tura:  There is a bench, but there is nowhere to sit; there is a garbage container, but no one empties it.

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Rachel W. and Hannah H. Marcia L., Translation

15:00 - 16:25

15:00 -Agricultural Checkpoint Anin

We arrived early and saw that people had already gathered and wait in the shade.  The city of Anin has grown a lot and there are many additional new homes.

Nine people, a woman, a boy and a tractor wait to pass through.  M.’s tractor is loaded as usual with junk.  The soldiers arrive at exactly15:15 and the passage beginsin five minutes.  Everyone passes through quickly.

15:40 – Tura Shaked Checkpoint

We and all the Palestinians who pass through, are greeted with a pile of army garbage that returned to decorate the sitting area in the checkpoint, which is devoid of benches.  The checkpoint is quiet.  Female students who return from the university in Shechem and wait for transportation, sit on the only plank (50 x 50 cm), which teeters on the frame of the long bench.  The few workers now returning to the West Bank tell us that they again opened the checkpoint in the morning only at 07:00 (instead of at 06:30).

16:05 – Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint

Workers arrive from work in contractors’ cars and get off at the entrance to the terminal’s sleeveinfo-icon.  A bus, also filled with workers arrives from Israel.  We went down to the lower parking lot that has turned into a transportation hub:  many transits whose drivers declare the travel destinations in a loud voice.  There is a place to park for all the transits, obviously because this morning, not many people passed through as in the past. Therefore, the lot was very full.  In the afternoons, they allow most people to return home from here.  A few workers tell us they live in Shechem, went through Jalama Gilboa checkpoint in the distant north in the morning, traveled south to work in Hadera and now return home through Barta’a. This is the most circuitous route that wastes time and money.  The Occupation doesn’t care.