Northern checkpoints: A festive atmosphere in honor of the Feast of Sacrifice

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Neta G. (Reporting), Adina and Avner (Guests) Marcia L., Translation

Today is the third day of Eid al Adha, the Holiday of the Sacrifice


15:45 – Anin, the Agricultural Checkpoint

We traveled to Anin Checkpoint--even though there is no passage on Thursdays-- to show Avner, for whom this is a first “tour of the checkpoints, that the separation fence cuts off the village from its land.  As a “bonus,” we also saw the wide breach next to the locked gate, and the pillars in front that block it.  These pillars and locked gate are known to prevent stolen cars from passing to the West Bank. (See Report from 15.07.21)

16:00 – Tura-Shaked Checkpoint

A nice-looking car arrives.  A family dressed in holiday clothes gets out and enters the area of the checkpoint by foot. The driver and his family are from nearby Daher al Malec.  The driver returns home, and the others cross the checkpoint on their way to celebrate the holiday in Jenin.  We wish them a happy holiday.  A few cars pass in both directions. Only one person arrives by foot on the way to the West Bank.

We enter the parking lot at Barta’a, on the Seamline Zone side.  This is a considerable holiday. Individuals go down the sleeveinfo-icon (the long, enclosed, and roofed passage) to the West Bank.  We continue on our way.  The Palestinian parking lot is not full, and the additional lots above the road, are totally empty.

16:20- Ya-bed-Dotan Checkpoint

There is little traffic in both directions; it passes without disturbance.

16:40 - -Barta’a Checkpoint, the Palestinian Side

We parked easily in the parking lot.  Few pass to the West Bank.  Only one taxi and an additional vehicle wait for passengers who don’t arrive. We wished the vehicle driver, an old acquaintance, a happy holiday.  In the passage terminal which shocks everyone who sees it for the first time, there are a few bored young people.  They tell us that this is not a happy holiday because they have no money.

17:00 - We return via Highway 611, which leads to Harish.  A few cars opposite the breach in the separation fence, wait to travel.