South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Raya and Hagit S.S.; Translator: Natanya

We went to Susiya to visit Vadha and Azzam, since at the last time we were there they were not at "home".

To the question "How are things now ? What is the situation? Quiet?"

Azam says: "Yes, it is the quiet before the  storm ..."

It is about  3-4 months that one settler from Jewish Susiya - the next door neighbor - comes with sheep to their tents and sheds. He does not reply when they try to speak to him. He covers his face but there are photo of him from far off.  He just wants to make problems. He has planted trees on their land. ”In the 1970s we built a fence around all our area but they cut it and we were just left with  sאumps of iron poles, And Azzam adds and warns: This provocation is dangerous, murder has happened in the past because of such things.

This family is always happy for our visit, welcomes you with a smile, conversation, and of course tea / coffee in the shade. They are so humble and so well groomed .. (their olive oil is finished now, and new oil will only be in another two months.

There is a military base between Susya and Yatta. The passage is open, through which the teachers who come from Yatta pass, but the army delays them every morning and checks them.

We were told that close to this crossing there is a military shooting range within Area A

Is that correct ??? ..

המתנחל מהתנחלות סוסיה