Jordan Valley - distribution of dry food to needy families

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Rachel and Eli from Pasia's kitchen. Transl. Danah Ezekiel Clark

We traveled to bring sacks of dry food to needy families.

We started from the Fassayil area, according to Dafna's request. We met a small family there and sat with them over a cup of coffee. At some point I realized that the Miriam sitting with us is Miriam who used to be blind. She now sees quite well surrounded by family. Sons, daughters and children. They were happy to tell us all their troubles. We left with them 8 sacks of 25 kilos each, wheat, fava and lupine beans. I wonder if they’re eaten or sown or both. The main thing was that they were pleased.

Later, we went to Makhul and left 8 bags there for the benefit of all the residents and their neighbors.

Pasia's kitchen is located in Jaffa, near Bloomfield, receives donations from factories or anyone who wishes to give to it, and delivers to the needy. This is how we received foam-rubber mattresses about a year ago and distributed them in the Valley.