Tarkumiya CP – booking the time of crossing by an application

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Muhammad , Raya (reporting). Editing: Mira Balaban; Translator: Natanya

Tarkumiya barrier:

Half a kilometer before the Tarkumiya checkpoint I realize that I have arrived at "a place where it is desirable not to be". Plastic bags, plastic bottles, filth and neglect on both sides of the road welcome us.

At the checkpoint we met Fuad Fazi at the crossing and he lifted our spirits, reporting that the situation has improved and the delay in the morning has improved .

He uses an application to make  an appointment to pass  at a certain time and thus the pressure is reduced, arriving  by prior arrangement.

In the square, the traffic circle of the village of Shuyukh near Hebron, there is a military jeep on the side.


At Hill 22, which is located north of the Nofei Mamre neighborhood in Hebron, we saw caravans with Israeli flags.

Bassam who lives  in front of the House of Contention (and now he also has a grocery store), has watched over the years the entire process of the house being taken over until it has been  transformed into  the House of HaShalom, which has taken over the entire area , says that the Golani unit which is now guarding  Hebron these days are delaying  the Palestinians  who live here  by inspecting them for a long time.

The Jaber family whose property lies below Kiryat Arba say that the settlers keep coming to their house without an invitation and without permission being given, enter the areas of his lands.