Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Yehudit K. (reporting), Muhammad D. Translator: Natanya

We started relatively late so we passed the checkpoint (Meitar) at 10:00 am, and although all the workers had already passed, many people were in sheds on the Israeli side of the checkpoint. They  had gone through too late and missed their employer. Some of them were illegal workers. Road  60 is quite lively - as if everyone was out for a road trip: the driving is crazy and the roads are not built for this. We turn onto Route 317, the settlers road (Carmel, Pnei Hever the Avital outpost and the infamous Maon Farm outpost), but the road is quiet. Only  near Zif (Half in area B and half in area C) there  is a "traffic jam": a tractor and two cars blocking the road until another tractor comes and hauls the first which has run out of fuel.  Everything is green all around like Europe. Zif's grocery store owner (on the road) says that there is now a rolling checkpoint  at the exit from the part of the village in Area B. In general, there is an increased presence of the Border Patrol on the ground, not necessarily at checkpoints at such a time, but םn the roads and traffic circles, for example near the intersection of roads 317 and on road 60 next to Bani Naim. Soldiers are at the exits of Hebron but for the moment do no stop cars. At Meitar 12.30 those who were on the sides of the road have left...not obvious where they have gone.