Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Nina and Hagit S.S; Translation: Natanya

Along the road to al-Fawwar spring are small tents with soldiers and on each of them a big flag flies proudly.

The entrance to al Fawwar is blocked - a gate and soldiers. At the entrance to Dura there is no obstruction.

We wanted to try to look for the place called Nabi Yunis, because we were told vines (about 400) had been cut down there and vile graffiti  added.

We entered Hebron first. There are trenches here being prepared for  sewage pipes.

Rachel House is decorated with many many flags and surrounded by soldiers and the Border Police, a big truck unloading or loading?, activity is evident. We did not see settlers.

In general, today, we saw a lot more of  army than we have recently.

On Shuhada Street, as we know, all  shops are closed, more and more large Israeli flags are waving, and not only that - large flags with the word "sovereignty."

"A finger in the eye" for those who still wish ...

Gross Square also has soldiers, even though it is Ramadan and few people are in the streets.

And all the barriers in the city are desolate.

In the end, because of a slight problem in the car, which took a lot of time, we had to give up trying to get to Nabi Yunis.