Northern checkpoints: The routine of occupation

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Tami Ritov (photos) Neta Golan (report)

14:30 Tura-Shaked checkpoint

There is no traffic at this time. An elegant man in a suit and tie gets out of his car on the Palestinian side. The passage, through the checkpoint booth and the vehicle checkpoint, lasts about 10 minutes.

14:50 Yabed-Dotan checkpoint

We pass the Barta'a checkpoint and the crowded parking lots. On the way we notice cameras installed on the pillboxes and on the side of the road, at least some of them look new to us. High piles of soil along the road between the village of Amriha and the checkpoint are also noticeable. We do not know if they were intended for agricultural or other purposes. The checkpoint is unmanned and traffic is free in both directions.

15:10 Hermesh checkpoint

The checkpoint, as usual, is wide open and unmanned. Only cameras overlook the former checkpoint.

15:20 Barta'a-Reihan checkpoint, Palestinian side

There is no chance of getting into the full parking lot. We parked on the side of the road, behind Palestinian cars. The parking lot at the foot of the village of Zabda extends to the side of the road. Many are already returning from work by this time. Taxi drivers barely make it by the parked cars. Unlike two weeks ago, watermelons are not sold, today it is potatoes. The peanut seller stands as usual at the entrance to the aisle shed. Drivers take advantage of the shade in the shed while waiting for passengers. A beggar is also sitting in the doorway of the shed. The buffet sells delicious crushed ice tamarind drinks for 2 NIS.

There is a lot of traffic, relatively, to the seam zone and the terminal is open for passage.

15:40 Barta'a-Rihan checkpoint, the Seam Zone area

A beggar with a toddler girl stands at the opening of the sleeveinfo-icon (a covered, fenced path that leads to the checkpoint). sad. Many return from their work in Israel and in the seam zone. Quite a few people buy boxes of rugelach for the weekend at the buffet of the settler from Hermesh..

16:00 On our way to the car and home we meet a group of Palestinian waiters, who are waiting for a ride to a restaurant in Kafr Qara.