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Ariela, Smadar, Michal (photographing and reporting); Translator: Natanya
הצנרת והשעון שהכין לרגע שמקורות תזרים לו מים כשיבוא המשיח

This time we focused on visiting Ata Jaber.

A reminder: All vineyards around Kiryat Arba belong to the family. All of  Kiryat Arba was built in 1968 on expropriated family land and the scenic Mamre neighborhood "sits" just above the family home. It is a neighborhood that is cut off from the entire city area because in the valley are their vineyards. It is quite obvious therefore why Mekorot does not want to supply him with water and he buys them at an overpriced price from a broker. And he is still accused of stealing water.

For many years they came from the Civil Administrationinfo-icon and tore up the plumbing and took the equipment.

We have written about this many times.

The picture shows the plumbing and water clock he made as an infrastructure are waiting in vain for Mekorot.  

Every piece of land is utilized to grow vegetables and grapes. Ata is helpless and asks who can help him in his fight with the Administration and Mekorot.

We ask, too.

If anyone has an idea then how to help him, we really need to know.

Before Dov Hanin retired, I contacted him and his team and they began contacting the family.

But now? To whom to turn or  refer to?

Atta shows us a video of a physical fight he had with Ofer Ohana who came there just to harass and ended up with Ofer being sent away by the police. 

Apparently, police sometimes knows how to act honestly..