Etzion DCL: Prevention of Entering Israel for 100 Years

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Netanya C, Shlomit S. Ora A Translation: Naomi Gal



10.45 Today fewer people waited than in previous shifts. At 11.30, many people were brought in. At about 11.45, 10 people left. Most of them said they were waiting from 7am in the morning. One of the departing people said he has a permit to work in the settlements, his employer is Israeli and is ready to employ him in Israel. To do this, he must revoke the work permit in the settlements and obtain a new one. But for that, the employer must come to DCL himself. His employer claims he has no time for it and the man tried to get a permit without the employer, but did not get one.

Palestinian American citizen and his Canadian citizen sister came to ask for a permit to visit their sister in Nazareth. They were told that they must enter and exit through Jordan. According to him, the series of humiliations Palestinians suffer in Israel does not inspire love for Israel. He went on to say that "everything is economics. If they gave the Palestinians entry permits into Israel, they would spend money in Israel and that would be for the benefit of the economy.”

A man approached us whose son (7 months) underwent intestinal surgery at Mukassed Hospital in East Jerusalem. He, his wife and her mother were granted a permit to enter East Jerusalem to stay with the babyinfo-icon. They applied for a permit for another family member but were refused. They were told that they do not grant more than three permits and if anyone else wanted to stay with the patient, one of the three who received them would have to give up their permit. The waiver must be approved to arrange the exchanges. They brought an approval for the waiver, in coordination with the hospital and with the Dalia, the health coordinator of the administration, but the administration refuses to approve the exchanges. The family turned to Hannah Ber”g and she is trying to help.

We met two GSS prevented. One worked for 7 years as a climber at a construction company and found out one day that he is prevented from entering Israel. The other one became prevented after 12 years of work with a valid permit. They both found out that they are prevented from entering Israel for one hundred years!  They came to try and cancel the prevention and get a permit to enter Israel.

As we walked out of the hall, we saw an elderly woman sitting alone in the yard. She said one of her daughters was detained by the GSS. GSS demanded that the detainee's sister come for an interview today. She came this morning and has not yet left. The mother sits and waits.