Escorting shepherds in the Farsiya area

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Gil Hamershlag and Hagar Gefen (reporting and photography) Translation: Naomi Halsted

09.00 - 14.00

It had rained the previous night. As we walked, we could hear water trickling along several channels. The vegetation is growing sparsely; it will take weeks until it is rich and nutritious. The flock is fed most of its food at home.

The flock led the way to the pasture on the slopes where the fodder is poor.

In the area where we were escorting the shepherd today, there was no fear of violent disturbances by the settlers from the outposts, mainly because the vegetation is still sparse. However, the events of the Saturday a month ago, during which settlers attacked eight shepherds and their flocks, are still with everyone, and today the shepherd and his family are glad of the escort.