Falamiya North (914)  - The soldiers arrived late

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Nina S, Herzliya A. Translator: Charles K.


Falamiya North (914)  

Hours:  16:30 – 17:00

When we arrived we saw tractors were already waiting to return home after a day of work, and we heard voices.  The soldiers arrived late, at 16:40.  It turned out they had gone first to Jayous and then came here.  They sat for ten more minutes in their car while the Palestinians waited, though the checkpoint was to have already opened.  Then they slowly emerged to conduct inspection.  We asked whether they weren’t late – a soldier replied, I decide when to open.

After inspecting all those waiting who crossed to Falamiya/Kufr Jimal, they greeted us benevolently.  At 17:05 they began to close the gate, after no one remained.