Hamra (Beqaot), Ma'ale Efrayim, Tayasir

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Rina Tz. (report and photos) and 2 guests, translation: T.H

Mobile Health Clinic for the Shepherd Communities in the Northern Palestinian Jordan Valley

Two days ago Abu Saker and several other representatives of the Palestinian Jordan Valley shepherd communities met with Rami Hamdallah, Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, and spoke of their hardships. Consequently, beginning next month, a mobile clinic service with two physicians and equipment for conducting various tests and medication dispensation will be offered, free of charge. The clinic will operate three days a week, and will access the communities responding to telephone summons.

So far members of these communities had to travel to Toubas and approach a private physician or reach the Turkish clinic there, all at their own expenses.

Additional damages as a result of army maneuvers two days ago

In recent weeks the Israeli army has held extensive training maneuvers in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley and caused numerous damages. A. who owns 10 dunams at Al Malih where he has sown wheat and barley said tanks trampled his field, crushing and destroying it all, prior to harvest time. He was hoping to use the crop to feed his livestock. More damages, more expenses – and no money to cover them.

Who would he approach for compensation? Nothing to discuss, no one to discuss it with.

In one of the encampments we met a group of women from the US, Jews struggling against the ongoing Occupation. A. of Taayush was their guide. They saw and listened very carefully to his description of the Jordan Valley Palestinians’ life there.