Etzion DCO: Deny the corona but know people who died from it

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Shlomiet Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg


Very few cars in the parking lot and until 12.00 no one approached us. Only one woman who was waiting for her son to get a permit to accompany her to a Jerusalem hospital for her pace maker to be changed. Which he received.  She claimed that there was no corona but then told me of a young pregnant woman who had died of Covid but the child had been saved.  Other than that we seemed to be well known and those coming past who did not need help evidently greeted us in a very friendly fashion. But it is strange that so many deny the disease and yet tell of cases.

On the way near Elazar about three of four soldiers in black uniforms had just exited their vehicles, YSM ….a special patrol unit  but we do not know for what purpose. But it did not look good.

One man had a traffic fine …it then turned out he had three….from about two years ago. We warned him that these accumulated with time and gave him a  number to contact and also advised him to try his luck about lessening the cost.   

Another wanted his marriage to be registered on the computer but it turned out that he had not entered the DCO and we had to advise him to take a number.  Also that it would take time.

Twice the number of people waiting to enter started to build up with no soldier answering but each time an SMS to N. did the trick and they went through.