Burin: Settler-Colonists Celebrate War?

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אירית סגולי, דוח טלפוני

Burin: Settler-Colonists Celebrate War?  Yes. They Prevent Olive Harvest! Uproot Olive Trees!


Following the dire news from Bourin appearing in the net yesterday, this morning I called first D., then M. D. had never sounded so agitated, and asked us to help by approaching anyone we can.


D.’s words:

The prevention of olive harvesting is more violent than ever. And the colonists are coming closer to our homes than ever before.


Soldiers and armed colonists have spread out among the village houses and demanded that people stop harvesting the trees next to their homes.


Children were threateningly required to get back inside. Including a 9-year-old son of a friend.


M.’s words:

A group of soldiers and colonists entered the village yesterday afternoon (4 p.m.) and hurled stun grenades, requiring us to cease the olive harvest. Not just the ones inside the village but also the trees close to the main entrance road to Bourin.


300 olive trees belonging to Bourin villagers near Yitzhar have been uprooted.