Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A.​ Translation: Naomi Gal

The State of Israel does not respect a court decision

1. Come and go and then come again- to the end of time: a young man from Al-Walaja village, who has a Palestinian identity card even though his home is in an area designated as an Israeli, told us that according to a temporary decision by the court, from 2018, his family may stay in Israeli area. Still, he is not allowed to pass through checkpoints 300 and Al-Walaja. His father, who has the same status, has been arrested in Israel and became, despite the court's decision, “police-prevented,” meaning he is not allowed to stay in Israel. The family's lawyer has filed repeated requests to remove the prevention from passing through the checkpoints and advised him to go to Etzion DCL (Civil Administration Offices) to try to remove the prevention.

He went to Etzion DCL but they didn’t handle his case and sent him to the Palestinian DCL. From the Palestinian DCL he was sent back to Etzion DCL. Etzion DCL again did not deal with his case and, apparently, he will spend the rest of his days going from one DCL to the other. He concluded by asking, “I have seven children and I must work. What to do?”

2. Can you steal from a thief? An older man, who said he was a junk dealer, complained that his trading permit was taken away after he had been caught with a stolen phone. He said he had bought it not knowing it had been stolen. At the police station, they told him they had found the thief who sold him the phone, and yet they did not return his trading permit. We advised him to get his personal data sheet, which is stored on the police computer, at the DCL, from the duty officer. Then he should contact Sylvia (our member who helps "prevented" people) so that she could try to clarify his situation. He went to the DCL and left disappointed. The duty officer, who must be there during reception hours, was not there.