Bethlehem (300)

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Shlomit S. Ora A., translation: Naomi Gal


10.40 Back to איק (not) god old times: an endless queue of waiting people was revealed to us when we arrived. The waiting hall of DCL (Civil Administration offices in charge of communication with the civilian population of the occupied West Bank) was packed. Most of the people were residents of Hebron, whose DCL office is closed, and they must come to Etzion.

One of the people at the head of the queue told us he had arrived immediately upon the opening of the waiting hall and showed us a note given to him at the entrance at 08:08. When we left at 12:00 that person has not yet entered. Our appeals to headquarters and operations in Etzion were not answered willingly. For example, we complained that the soldier in charge is not in his position at the window and there is no way to contact him, and the woman-soldier who answered the phone argued and insisted vehemently that “There is one at the window.” Then she made an announcement on the loudspeaker that “as long as all people are not seated, we won’t let anyone in.” It is unclear whether it was the effect of our complaints or because of the orderly sitting, but at 11:30 they let in all those who have come from Hebron.

People who are prevented by GSS and police and one administrative-prevented approached us. We will pass his name to Sylvia and Amira Hass so that they can try to address the administrative prevention. Before we left, we talked with a man who had told us that it was “good that we came because our intervention helped and advanced things.” We were skeptical, but he reiterated this and said “it is good for the people that someone makes an effort for them.”