At-Tuwani, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Semadar Becker and Michal (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
אום פאקרא
דרך הארון אבו עראם

The breach in the fence near the Meitar checkpoint has been repaired in a very sloppy manner. People say that there are lots of soldiers around. We did not see them, they are probably ambushing somewhere.

We drove in the direction of Umm Faqara because there are always clashes between the settlers of the settlement of Mitzpe Abigail and the people of Umm Faqara,  Shahab al-Butom and Khirbet Fursa. These are small settlements scattered between Umm Faqara and Maon Farm. To our surprise, the road to Umm Faqara was blocked a few days ago with concrete blocks. 

In the fields in the are there were villagers reaping the harvest. Manual harvest! And Semadar,  Muhammad and I also joined. There were 3 young Jewish men who have been in the areas lately and accompany the Palestinians of the area, including Rakiz  and A-Tuwani.  They try to help in every way. They are leaving in the next few days. It was exciting and pleasant to see and hear them. Nasser Adara told us about them two weeks ago, how much these young men encourage them and help them to feel that  they are not alone in front of the army and the settlers.

It is impossible not to resonate at the top of the verses from the Book of Ruth when one sees this imaginary pastoral.

We continued to A-Tuwani through Rakiz.

On the road between the two settlements, the village council put up a large sign with a picture of Harun Abu 'Aram and named this road after him. He himself, as we remember,  lies  paralyzed since the generator incident.

Meanwhile, Erela and Ehud from the Group of Villages managed, with the help of donors, to transfer him to rehabilitation in "Reut" in Tel Aviv. The Palestinian Authority and the State of Israel are waging their terrible power struggles on the broken back of this young man. The PA  is interested in perpetuating his condition and Israel, as usual, refuses to take responsibility for the criminal behavior of its soldiers.


On a daily basis, the settlers of Maon Farm harass  the residents here, and the IDF finds reasons to throw gas grenades and arrest someone every time. David and Goliath the other way around from which we knew it.

We met Fuad with a worried face. He was happy to see that our unfamiliar vehicle (this time) was inhabited by us and not settlers or security forces. They followed us with concern.

It turns out that they are on guard day and night because of the conduct of the occupying forces lately. He says that yesterday two people of the village were arrested and also on Saturday, claiming that they threw stones, or had said something to the soldiers.

The detaineesinfo-icon are always released after a few hours because there are no justifiable reasons for these arrests, but to scare and make life difficult and to be shouted at all the time by the settlers  “This is not your country, not your land, go away”.

This is important. Very evil spirits are blowing all over this area with authority and with permission.

Report on the deeds of the last few days: 4 days ago, on Saturday, 22.5, the settlers set  a field on fire , between them and Khalat al-Diba. On Tuesday, on Sunday, 2 Border Police vehicles, 3 IDF vehicles, police, many soldiers and a JSM entered from the direction of Umm Pakra, and surrounded the settlement for a few hours. It is not clear to them why

Yesterday, Monday, May 24, a settler came down from Maon Farm, reached Jumaa's house at the end of the village, and picked up a skimmer.

The police were then called on the pretext that he (the settler) had been attacked. The IDF arrived and turned the area into a closed military for two hours, three were arrested: Fadel, and his sons - Osama, and Bilal, on the pretext of throwing stones.

This is a routine report - it happens there all the time, on a daily basis: a "life" routine in A-Tuwani.