Supporting Nasser Nawaj'ah at the Ofer military court

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Ariela, Smadשr and Michal from the southern group, Nava Toledano and Paula from the center; Translator: Natanya
תמיכה בנסר נוואג'עה בבית המשפט עופר

Special shift at the military court in the Ofer camp

Because of the ongoing trial of our activist friend from "B’Tselem", Nasser Nawaj’ah, we went to the military court in the Ofer camp to show our support for him.

There were several dozen of his friends from all the peace organizations active in the south of Mount Hebron playing songs and music in the hope that he hears.

After a long wait it turned out that the trial had to be postponed because a police witness was late in arriving. The one who needs to convince the court that Nasser attacked a policeman, when they came to destroy the playground that they built with the help of foreign organizations for the children of Susiya.

There is no chance that Nasser will be able to bring witnesses to prove his case.

We asked his friend who was waiting for him to tell him that we had been there and sent our greetings.  Later he sent us a WhatsApp message and thanked us for our support.

The court was adjourned until the end of next month.

Also the no-justice mills grind slowly.