Za'tra, Huwwara - the annexation is already here

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Nina S. (reporting), Ronny P. (photographing); Translator: Judith Green

Life is now more difficult - the DCO takes care of part of the responsibilities, even without the cooperation of the Palestinian DCO.

Tapuah Junction (on the way to Huwarra), is open, as well as the entrance to Nablus from highway 60.  In the middle of the Junction, there is a kind of permanent signboard - installation - "I love Shomron", with a red heart.


במרכז צומת תפוח שילוט/פיסול

We travelled to the DCO which is near the Junction leading to the entrance to Nablus, at the turnoff from the road to Elon Moreh. At the Junction, is a signboard "Jews and Arabs want to get home in peace".

בצומת שילוט"  יהודים וערבים רוצים לחזור הביתה בשלום"

In other words, annexation is already here.  At the entrance to the DCO, there are a few people milling around outside.  There is a kiosk selling coffee and water and sweets.  Hot.

In our conversations, people emphasized that the economy has hit bottom, no one has any money.  Checks aren't covered, so merchants who buy supplies don't have the cash to pay for it.  For medical problems, if they are well documented, it is possible to receive a permit to enter Israel.

We met the owner of a large tractor (tractor that excavates) whose vehicle was confiscated 3 weeks ago and was standing in the courtyard of the Civil Administration (we saw it).  It had been confiscated because the owner of the was working on Area C, not in building but in repair of the sidewalk.  With no previous warning, the IDF arrived and confiscated the vehicle.  Now they are asking for 20,000 NIS to release the machine and, for every additional day that it remains in "storage", the Civil Administration raises the price for releasing it.  From where is a person, in these days, going going to raise such a sum of money to release the vehicle??  Of course, he has no work now and the chances that he could find such a sum by loans here and there is about zero.  On the other hand, the State of Israel profits!

Others told us how there is no money and whatever they can scrape up is spent first of all for food, and then on health, and then there is nothing left.  Once again, they spoke about how everyone who works in Israel pays some middleman 2800 NIS every month so that he will have the opportunity to get clearance for working in Israel.  The low salary is made even lower.

They also said that it is possible to bribe people to get into Israel.  They claim that there are soldiers who give entrance permits for bribes.  But no one is willing to give testimony about it.

Corona is not such a problem here, there was only one case in Nablus, but not in the surrounding area;  most people are not wearing facemasks, also in Hawarra village.

Where the checkpoint for Beit Furik used to be, it is quiet.  A lot of vehicles enter and there is a pillbox which seems to be occupied.