Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

  15:10 only three cars were parked in the perking lot. The waiting hall was empty. A cleaner said that the computer was out of order in the morning and all the waiting people were sent home. We waited in the cool hall and after a while some of the people who were sent home in the morning came back hoping that the computer was repaired and they will get their magnetic cards and would not have to come back and lose yet another day's work. Their hopes were thwarted. We found out that there is a shortage of cards at DCL hence the sparing and refusing with various excuses. Only a chosen few get the card. A young woman who didn’t get a card came out. Other Palestinians as well came out disappointed. But lo and behold, a handsome man, a Christian, was let in immediately and got what he wanted.

A young woman told us that her daughter, one year old, suffered a brain hemorrhage and was admitted to the Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem. Only the grandfather was allowed to accompany her to the hospital. The mother said she wants to transfer the babyinfo-icon to Hadassah Hospital and requested our help. We spoke with Hannah who said that the mother has to obtain a commitment by the Palestinian Authority to pay the hospital and once she has a written commitment in her hand, she would try to help.

An older man who holds a valid magnetic card approached us. He asked for an entry permit to Israel and they refused him. We referred him to Sylvia.  A GSS prevented complained that he suddenly learned that he is prevented and he has no idea why. We instructed him on how to try and remove the prevention.