Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Michal Tsadik; Translator: Natanya

In the morning hours, it is possible to see the deployment of forces at all the entrances  to the settlements along Route 60. Barricades and manned roadblocks are at Samu'a, Dahariya,  at Abda, where the new pillbox is still not in use and stands at the entrance whose residents call it Wadi Sajana, in Dura and in Bani Na'im.

We  came to Hebron on the morning of the day of the settlers' invasion of the house of the Patriarchs. While we were there, we saw only a lot of military vehicles in the parking lot next to them. We knew nothing of what was going to happen in the evening.

I am only appalled at the thought that people will come to live there, as if everything around them does not exist, and that they will be protected by all the IDF. We will try in the following shifts to follow and report on what is happening there, in addition to media reports.

It is important to emphasize that to the right of the house and to the left of the house there are two schools, El Faiha for girls and Ibrahimiyya for boys. How will the routine of hundreds of children, parents and teachers who pass through the nearby pharmacy checkpoint be when they are forced to go to and from the schools passing this house of the Patriarchs?

What happened between the TIPH and the settlers?

According to what the memebers of the Sharabati family told us, there was an incident between the two and not for the first time either. On the second day of Ramadan, 26.6.2017, TIPH volunteers were seen trying to puncture the tyres of the settlers' car. The police were called in and during their activities they entered the house of Zidan Sharabati,  because they know that there are cameras which filmed everything that happened.  This is because he lived in the front of Beit Hadassah and has suffered much at  the hands of the settlers. The police asked to take the cameras so as to see what had happened  in his own interest and of course they promised to return them within two days. Many days have passed since  then and the cameras have not been returned. We asked Hanna Barag to try to do something through Yesh Din. I went to the police at the Cave of  the Patriarchs so as to try to find out what  happened to the cameras. Without a power of attorney they refused to speak to me and sent me to the Hebron police. I hope that Hanna will be able to find out what is happening and I will also continue to do so.