Accompanying the Shepherds and visiting villages

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Ariel, Hagar Gefen (reporting) Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham


06:30 – Near Hamra Settlement

I parked near the pools and went to the shepherd’s house.  Ariel parked next to the house belonging to M. the shepherd.  We walked south with the sheep and followed the line of the hills to avoid meeting the “neighbors.”   There was a long walk south and we stopped to rest and talk.  We wrote new Arabic words in our notebook.   Sometimes arguments broke out and we talked about the sheep and the need to purchase vaccinations [against COVID-19].   We will find out about this during the coming week.   Z., the boy, tended his flocks nearby.   There was no school today, so he is taking his father’s place and tending the sheep.    
At about 10:30 we gradually turned north to let the sheep continue grazing and to return home.   By 11:00 or 11:30 the sheep had been watered and fed and returned to their pen.

Ariel went to put up solar night lighting in the sheep pen and I went to talk with Z. ‘s mother and younger sister.    The visit was enjoyable.