Return visit to the village of Sika

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: Pnina, Muhammad, Hagit (reporting and photographing) Translator: Charles K.

Fewer workers at the Meitar crossing, because they lack a Covid pass.  They’d begun receiving the third vaccination only at the start of this week.  In the Palestinian Authority, vaccinations are administered in clinics. 

We drove to visit the family in the village of Sika whose home had been demolished last week (cf. I felt obligated to speak to the women who were there, after the anger that had been directed also at me last week.  This time we were welcomed and offered tea.  They know we aren’t able to help.  Perhaps the human connection will ease the pain somewhat.  We were there for two hours; they allowed me to hold and hug the babies.

Schools in the Palestinian Authority are on vacation for ten days so the children can help with the olive harvest.  We were told this year the crop was very poor.  They also complained that they’d received permission for only one day to harvest their groves located beyond the separation wall.

They’d received the demolition order for their home in August, and submitted an appeal. Their home was demolished even prior to the judgment. The reason they were given: proximity to the fence.

We continued to Negohot.

The sheep ranch is expanding; there’s already a yellow gate at the entrance.

The sheep ranch is robbing more and more land and pasture from the Palestinians, and no one says a word.  The settlers are much more efficient – daily harassment of the Palestinians, which takes only a few people to carry out.

The despair over the settlers’ success is only increasing.