'Izbet alTabib, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla, Huwwara, Jit Junction

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Kirol K., Fathiya (reporting); Translator: Judith Green

13:40  Hab​la, traffic flows, no problems.

14:00  Izbat Tabib.

When we reached the western entrance of Izbat Tabib there were taxis waiting, a bus carrying women and children, and another few private Palestinian vehicles.  Next to them were standing some of the drivers of these vehicles.  When they saw ​us stopping and getting out of our cars,​ they ran  over to us as though we were their saviour.

There were about 300 soldiers dispersed in the area;  there were young men who had been arrested and taken out of their vehicles and taken to interrogation within the olive groves on the other side of the road. (they had already managed to cut down some of the olive trees).  The Palestinians crowded onto us asking us to do something ​as​ they were already detained for an hour and a half.  One of them had a sick child in his car and was on his way to the hospital. Meanwhile, some more soldiers arrived and GSS personel. There is a metal-working factory nearby where more than 50 people work.  The soldiers put them in the courtyard outside the factory.  The GSS went in and closed the entrance of the factory.  When we asked the soldiers what was happening, the answer was "we are checking out an incident, don't worry!"  We asked them to return their keys to the drivers, but naturally we were answered with "when we finish the inspections", they said, and​  when we find​ the ​man who caused the incident."​

Meanwhile, they released 3 youths who were being interrogated.  We remained with them and continu​ally​ ask​ed​ them to release the vehicles.  At 15:00 they released the vehicles.  We continued on our way for about 100 meters. Opposite the entrance to Azzun there were ​more ​soldiers in the vicinity​.

15:20  Jit Junction.  The post was manned and there was also a flying checkpoint on the road.

15:30  Asira alkibliyya - we made an appointment with the head of the local council at 14:30, but, because of the incident on the way, we were late and the council was closed; so, we made an appointment for next week.

15:35  Burin.  The post near the school was manned.

15:40  Huwwara - the checkpoint was in operation; random checkinginfo-icon.

15:50   Bet Furik was manned

16:00 We decided to return by way of Azzun in order to check if the workers were released.  Opposite the entrance to Azzun at 16:30 there were a lot of soldiers accompanied by dogs;  they were wandering around the area between the olive groves and along the road.

16:50  We reached the Palestinian factory at the entrance to Izbat Tabib.  Just at that moment, they were released and began to leave the factory.  We spoke with them and they said that they had been interrogated one by one and whoever had been interrogated was not allowed to leave until the interogation was finished for everyone.  This seemed very strange, like a kind of ​theater​.

When we got home, we heard on the news that there was an incident of shooting in the area of Azzun.