South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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Raya (reporting and photographing) and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya

A Palestinian ambulance passed the Tarkumiya checkpoint on the way to Israel, the clicks were working and the red lights were flashing in the distance.

The entrance to Tarkumiya is unusually dirty, garbage piles of plastic bags and cardboard scraps that no one at the checkpoint is likely to clean up. Entering and leaving Israel and Israel one feels the  neglect, ugliness, poverty, pollution, carelessness and more.

Near the Negohot A junction, the settlers took over the plot of land of Abu Sharar and fenced it off.

In addition, those using the road  through Negohot will be able to spot and see the bulldozers widening the road.

Finally, Muhammad from the grocery store in Tarkumiya sends greetings Hagit and Michal and is happy that we are out there  even when it is cold outside.