Jordan Valley - Shepherd Accompaniers

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Dan, Rachel (photos and report), Tal H. (translation)

It was a quiet, calm day. Nice weather. Blue sky. And the ground waiting for rain.

The greenery is nice but there is not enough food for the sheep. They get their hay before grazing and some more afterward. Grazing is mainly in order to move around a bit.

The birthing season is reaching its end. The lamps are already growing and getting sold. Today people came to buy some. And I got my car started after its battery died…

When we arrived at the Jordan Valley as well as in the afternoon we checked out the area where the fence was erected for the cows belonging to colonist As’ael – and the area was empty. Only two days previously, said Dan, there were cows there, and he spoke with Asa’el made him get his cattle out of there. Who knows?


Yesterday – no connection to this report, just for archive’s sake – marked a violent encounter between one of the accompaniers in Hamra and colonist Moshe Sharvit. The accompanier was arrested by the police and is still held in custody at the Russian Compound of Jerusalem. The horrific terrorist attack in Jerusalem happened that same evening. It too is unconnected to this report, but certainly connected with what will happen in the coming days.


At the end of the day we visited Mahmoud, who lives with his family above the Hamra Checkpoint. He grows Marino sheep. They are large and healthy. He fattens them up with the best feed possible. Measures it out exactly. Grows prickly pears around his area. They also provide the sheep with food when needed.

It was interesting to follow different husbandry methods and differences in approach and thought.

He also grows strawberries in a special way, and other fruit.  All our respect!!

Yes, we were very glad to hear that the PA has given out bicycles to children in the northern part of the Valley.